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Featured Family: Andrew and Jolie
Andy and Jolie

Describe your childhood:
Jolie: My childhood was filled with love and support of whatever I wanted to be or do with my life. I had 2 sisters and a brother that were quite a bit older than I was but they always supported me in everything that I wanted to do whether it was dirt bike racing or water skiing. Andy:

Tell us about your home?
Our home is filled with a lot of fun and laughter. We try to make sure that we spend at least one day at home during the week have a family day each weekend. Our family days consist of anything from going to zoos or aquariums to just relaxing at home.

When you have a 3-day weekend, what do you like to do?
We love to go to the desert and ride our quads or go to the lake and go out on the boat with our family.

Do you have pets? If so tell us about them?
We have a 8-year-old service dog named "Lola." She is amazing and is so good with our son.

What do you hope to teach your children?
We want to instill the morals and values that we have.

Describe your neighborhood?
We live at the end of a cul-de-sac. Our neighborhood has a lot of small children and our son has become good fiends with the kids that are around. Almost every day there are at least 3 or 4 kids ready to play with our son. We have a really good relationship with our neighbors and they are so excited for us to have another child.

What will you tell your child about their birthmother?
We will be honest with our child. We feel that it is very important to be honest. We want our child to know how much their birthmom / birthparents love them and how they chose adoption because they wanted to the best possible life for their child.

It's Daddy's day - what activity do you want to share with your child?
Snowboarding, spending time together, teaching him or her new things, going to the park, playing with our dog Lola.

What kind of education are you hoping to provide for your child - Private or Public?
Public, we live in one of the best school districts in California.

How did you come to the decision of adoption?
After years of trying to conceive we realized that God had a different plan for us. We adopted our son almost two years ago and have never been happier. He has brought a lifetime of joy to us and we can't wait to complete our family.

What faith will you raise your child?

What kind of a relationship do you hope to build with your birthmom through her pregnancy?
We would like to build a relationship that she is comfortable with. We want to always respect her wishes.

How did you meet?
We met in college during Jolie's first year and Andy's second year. We hit if off right away and have been together ever since.

What was your relationship with your parents like?
Jolie: Open and honest. Andy: They trusted me to make the right decisions in life and believed in me.

What attracted you to each other?
It was pretty much instant… We met at a pizza place and Andy says he feel in love with my smile. I fell in love with Andy's sense of humor. Our personalities were meant for each other

Please describe your personalities:
Jolie: Caring, trustworthy, honest, funny, loving Andy: Honest, trustworthy, funny, loving, caring, and strong willed.

What are your hobbies?
Jolie: Water and snow skiing, off-roading, reading, cooking Andy: Snowboarding, off-roading, weight lifting.

When you close your eyes and see yourself holding your precious baby in your arms what are your thoughts regarding the birthmother?
Thankful beyond words.

How will a child enrich your life?
By giving us even more joy and happiness.

Why did you each choose the career path you decided on?
Jolie: I've always wanted to be a mom and now I am and can't wait to raise another child. Andy: I've always wanted to do what I enjoy in life and chart my own path. The only way to do that was to own my own business. I truly love what I do and love that I help people every day and I can spend as much time as I wish with my family.

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